Introduction: Garbage Can Basket Ball Hoop

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Here is a little instructable for the back of your garbage can to make it easer to get balls of paper into the can from a distance.

Step 1: Materials

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Any size mailer, or manilla folder
3 straws or coffee stirrers
Scotch tape

Step 2: Cut the Mailer Open

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If you have a small mailer you might want to cut it open to give it more area. If you want to be challenged you might want to keep it uncut, so that it's harder to hit.

Step 3: Bracing It

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If you used a manilla folder or you cut a mailer open, you will want to brace it at the crease to keep it from flopping around.  Just tape a straw over the crease as shown.

Step 4: Attaching It

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Just tape the backboard to the back of the garbage can and attach the remaning straws to keep it stable. Now just move it away from your desk and ....
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mibz man (author)2010-09-25

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