Urban spaces are cramped, especially in China, but I've have managed to impress our Chinese neighbors with my meager pot-based garden. I'm no expert at gardening, but it doesn't take much to get started and is very satisfying to watch grow, especially when you get to put garbage to good use . In this instructable you will learn how to do the following:

1. Reuse yogurt cups or other small cup-shaped containers by turning them into mini-pots.
2. Reuse a plastic bottle or jug by converting it into a smooth-spraying watering jug.
3. Start a small urban garden.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

For the planter cups you will need the following:

-Clean containers: yogurt cups, old coffee cups, water bottles cut in half, etc.
-tray (my yogurt came with an additional tray)
-1/8" Screw or nail (one as big as you can find)
-A source of heat (our gas stove worked great, but a lighter might suffice)

You will need these materials for the watering bottle:

-Empty bottle or jug
-One push pin
Inspired. I'm sure your neighbours are impressed!
very nice idea ,really impressive
excellent!<br>I've been wanting to do a microgreens garden and this instructable is the push I needed to get started!<br>Thanks.

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