Picture of GarbageBag-RainCoat
Subtle design changes spruce up the classic garbage-bag-pancho. Now with a stylish cap and extra room to keep baggage dry.

Step 1: Parts Layout

Picture of Parts Layout
(1) Garbage Bag. Shown here is a 42 gallon bag. Soize to your person.
(2) scissors
basarist6 years ago
My company has been using these raincoats as official uniform item since Hurricane Faye last year. I will send photo of employees
Flumpkins7 years ago
LOL. I like your costume.
Illidan8 years ago
am i the only one who can see why a white bag would be a problem?
bumpus Illidan7 years ago
omg i was just thinking of that, wow would you get beat up....
jongscx Illidan8 years ago
Why would a white bag be a problem? I dun understand... urg...
Yah, might get your butt kicked goin' down the wrong part of town in a wite coat with a white pointy hat :P
Shifrin7 years ago
This is Gold! LOL!
Illidan8 years ago
just dont use a white garbage bag
Do they even make those? ;-)
That's so hot. the stylish cap definitely makes it.
Jesus105558 years ago
Lol, a long time ago. When I used to work at albertsons (like, publix, or winn dixie .... a super market) I did this once when I had to clear carts... it was funny..... the manager got pissed at me :D
Punkguyta8 years ago
A better touch would be a tin foil hat :-)
pure genius
Illidan8 years ago
if you used a white bag you would look like a member of the ku klux klan
Tidyman228 years ago
notadmin9 years ago
so cool.
Joe939 years ago
Hydra9 years ago
brianf25 Hydra9 years ago
canida9 years ago
But where are the pointy elf-shoes? I thought that was part of the required intern costume along with the hat.
Dolinski9 years ago
pretty sweet man.
krusty9 years ago
I love the hat!!