This is my first instructable hope that it is a useful and may possibly inspire others out there. The following will explain how to make a mulch border around your garden. The garden border's purpose is to ultimately improve the appearance of the edge of the garden. But it will also make for a nice flower bed, reduce weeds the creep into the garden and allow for easier mowing and weed whacking.

Step 1: Supplies

For this project the following are needed.

Ground Clothe (to prevent weeds) ~ $5-6

Six bags of Mulch ~ $2.75 per bag

Wire Clothes Hanger


Wire Cutter

If you can get your hands on some praying mantis egg pods...do it! We've been using them for a few years now in our raspberry patch and in our flower gardens. They are tremendously efficient at keeping pests at bay.
I like your instructable! Your new garden border looks really nice and I bet it helps for mowing/weedwacking purposes between the flowers and up against the fence. I am going to do this on my garden too. Thanks!
Your addition does improve the garden aesthetic. Personally, I would skip the fabric. Its better than plastic, but a heavy native mulch should keep the weeds out. The misconception is that plastic and fabric keeps weeds from springing up. What really happens is they cut off air (bad for microbes) and weed seeds carried by birds or blown-in end up growing *above* the barrier (completely negating the purpose of the barrier to being with).<br/>
Nice, I plan on doing this. Thanks

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