Ahh spring is in the air!  Even though it's still officialy winter, we in southern Calif. have it nice in that February here is like spring in the rest of the country.  Having said that, I love to be outside and start the gardening and upgrading/maintaining previous projects.  Being a concrete artist, I like making new projects with concrete and have included two new tree ring segments for this instructable that I have made recently to enclose two new avocado trees. A prior instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Make-Concrete-Tree-Rings/ shows the complete process of making tree rings. Pictures of other art projects are included in the final step.

Step 1: Finished Products Look Like This:

I planted two new avocado trees and one lemon tree.  I had rings in place for other trees that didn't make it, so needed to make new segments for the new trees.
amazing <br>
This is super...your letters are beautifully cut! Please may I know how you did the main picture? ' A' 'R' 'T' ...in that the concrete is embossed rather than it being engraved like the later pictures..how do you do that? do you like keep the outline and fill it in with concrete at the last stage?... please post pictures...thank you
https://www.instructables.com/id/Garden-Markers-You-Can-Make/ Interestingly enough, you had asked a question in that instructable as well, so it's not just me who &quot;forgets stuff&quot;. Go to that instructable to see the application you wanted!
ooops....yes...I have been reminded! thanks! i've put in my favorite now :-D
<strong>Beautiful work, Cman!!!&nbsp;</strong>&nbsp; lol... SO trusting to plant avocado trees, streetside! ;-D I hope you'll have fruit to enjoy when the time comes.&nbsp;<br> <br> Perchance, did you get snowed on??? ;-)
Thanks, baja! No snow, just chilly.
These would make a fine addition to any garden, I'm very impressed.
Thank you!
This is awesome...I love it...I'm adding it to my favorites and hope to do it someday..much too cold now in Wi.
Thanks,,,glad you like it!
Did you plant a Meyers lemon tree? I sure do miss avocados! Thanks for sharing. <br>sunshiine
Hi sunshiine...not sure of the species, just hope it will give us lemons! <br>
Funny sometimes getting lemons can be a splendorous experience! <br>Have a great day! <br>sunshiine
I agree!
You are so lucky to have Hass avocados!
They are young trees...hope they bear fruit!
Lovely indeed, thanks. This is just the process for a sundial I've been planning for some tome now, and Spring just arrived here today too, magic!
Thanks for your comment! A sundial sounds cool...if you make one, post it, ok? <br> <br>

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