Garden bench

Size 2m x 0,5m x 0,5m

Time: 3 days

Net cost: $15

Step 1: Step 1: Project

We want to make four identical benches and place them around a campfire.

We make the project: the radius to the bench must be so that we can put four benches close to each other and it will be a semi-circle around the fire.

Our sizes:

1. distance to the fire - 2 meters

2. the far edge of the bench - 2 meters

3. proximal edge of the bench - 1,5 meters

4. the width of the bench - 0,5 meters

5. the height of the bench - 0,5 meters

What did you use to connect the seat boards and make them stay onto the frame?
<p>love this bench!!! </p>
<p>Beautiful,simple. Thank you. Paul</p>
<p>Nice work! It looks great!</p>
Nicely done sir! Quick question. What stain did you use for the bottom pieces? I really love the faux metal look it gives from a distance!
<p>This is glossy enamel chocolate color. Thank you!</p>
<p>very beautiful and simple</p>

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