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Recently I found a recipe on Pinterest for Basil Butter. I made it and loved it! After I made the first batch, I went back outside to pick some more basil when it struck me: Why don’t I just use everything? I have a bunch of herbs including basil, thyme, rosemary, parsley, and green onions. So I picked a bunch of everything and thus Garden Butter was born. Now there are multiple different ways you can finish it. One is you can get a jar and fill it with the butter. I found that one recipe fills a little more than one 8oz jar (I used the 8oz “collection” jar). You can use the silicone ice mold in fancy shapes, freeze, and pop out when solid. Or, you can do my preference and ball it and freeze it. It will hold for a lot longer in the freezer than the fridge and the balls are pre-measured to make your life easier. You can use a simple melon baller/cookie dough scooper. The balls turn out to be just over 1 tablespoon a piece, which is perfect.

Step 1:

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1. Grab the herbs from your garden (or store) which you enjoy and that go together. I recommend:





-1 green onion.

Additional ingredients:
-Lemon juice
-unsalted butter
-garlic (roasted or powder, but I highly recommend roasted)

2. Wash all your herbs and pre-chop. I recommend pre-chopping because my food processor just mashes the herbs, or throws them against the sides if I try to use it to chop.
Dimy2 months ago

Thanks. I luv herbal butter. Now smear on homemade bread. mmm

shizuka11012 years ago
canida2 years ago
This sounds delicious. I love compound butters!
This is just lovely! Do you have a favorite food to eat it on?