Picture of Garden Charms
I love whimsical things. I enjoy adding touches of magic and joy to the every day objects that fill my life and living space. My garden is no exception. Here are some fun DIY projects for adding personal touches to your own garden. This walk through includes steps for two projects you can do easily.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Supplies for River Stone Charms:
1. Paint Brush
2. Liquid Gold Leaf
3. Smooth River Stones

Supplies for Birds Nest Embellishment:
1. Moss
2. Plastic Robin Eggs
3. Pre-Made Nest
4. Wire
5. (Not Pictured) Toothpick
The charms are beautiful :D

I especially love the cacti in the main image - do you know what those are called?
thistleandleaves (author)  jessyratfink2 years ago

I forgot to make a tag for it when I transplanted it but I got them from Home Depot and their new collection called Kosmik. They've dyed several different cactus and succulents to be really awesome colors.