This is step by step instructable that will take you through the whole process of making these solar mason jars with a bead "Chandelier" inside. They look great during the day but really shine at night.  You're garden Faries will love them!

This is a totally original idea so if you borrow this for your site I don't mind, just make sure you credit me as the source.  Thanks!   

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

You will  need the following items to make your Garden Fairy Chandeliers.
1 Solar Power garden stake (Twist off the top portion, that is all you will need)
Gorilla Super Glue
1 Wide Mouth 3 cup Ball canning jar
Assorted Beads
Crimping Beads
Needle Nose Pliers
Crimping Pliers (jewerly supply)
Fishing Line 10 pound test
Hot glue gun/glue
Heavy duty wire (to make hanger for the jar)
<p>Awesome project!!! I have several solar lights with broken stakes just beggin me to make them &quot;pretty&quot;...thank you!</p>
This something i'd like to make and put inside too lol. so pretty. Awesome IDEA!
They look gorgeous, cool idea!
Oh, how pretty! That's a great idea.
Thanks! I just love how they look at night in my garden.

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