Introduction: Garden Fertilizer With Coffee.

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Step 1: Coffee

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Use the coffee leftovers from any coffee machine. Then put in bowl.

Step 2: Bowl

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Put the coffee in a bowl.

Step 3: Garden

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Put the coffee in your garden and watch your garden grow! Works on any garden!


ac-dc (author)2015-05-21

What I do instead is put the leftover grounds into 5 gallon buckets, then occasionally water and stir them. After a few months it has turned into topsoil I put into the garden the next year.

This is useful because once your garden is established with plants growing, there are still new coffee grounds to do something with but spreading them on top of the ground won't let them decompose much and you can't till them in because that damages existing plants' roots.

On the other hand, looking at it longer term if you just spread them on top then eventually (last year's) will get tilled in and have the same benefit.

joelhunn (author)2013-07-25

We have been trying this lately directly on plants. I can't speak to those results yet, but your's seem great! Also the coffee grounds are GREAT in compost - you can find instructables about that - someone called it "crack for worms", and it does produce some supersize worms! Thanks for posting.

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