Step 4: Let Letters Set Up Well

After letters have "dried" which really is a setting up process, styrofoam can be removed from the letters and concrete.  I use dental tools, small screwdrivers, etc., anything that you can pry, cut, and simply remove the foam from your casting.
<p>Really, your all mentioned creative ideas about making garden markers are very amazing and wonderful. I like self-made garden markers and use that in my vegetable garden. I had created before two years ago my first markers using my kitchen old part. At that time, I was inspired with Ideal Garden Markers. My first order was successfully delivered in time and the product was durable and attractive.</p>
<p>Great ideas with the concrete medium...Always liked turning concrete into something nicer than a driveway. Have stained and applied microtoppings to driveways in the past, but you have sparked my creativity..Thanks for the posts.</p>
I have to make some of these for my garden. I also promised my brothers headstones for his two dogs that passed....this is perfect! Thank you so much for all of your instructions, they are marvelous. <br>Dee
Thanks for your comment, Dee, and good luck with your projects. The headstones would be perfect, and you could add a silhouette of their heads using the same technique!
Beautiful. Looks like I will have some nice markers for my garden in progress. Thank you.
Thanks for your comment, good luck!
The method for creating the letters is really good - never would have thought of that. :D
Thanks Jessy!
true...i too never thought of using styrofoam for molds...was going to ask you in your previous instructable how does the concrete come off the tin molds easily...now this seems like a good idea. especially for concrete candle holders. thanks
Just put a coat of oil on the pans ans the concrete releases fairly easy.

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