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Introduction: Garden Monsters

These are critters I made for an art show "Lawn gnomes eat your heart out!" They stayed in my yard most of the summer before I started showing them in a few other galleries. I sculpted them out of a poly clay over a wire and foil skeletal structure.



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    ohhhh cute. I love them. How well do they hold up to elements being outside and all? I want to make a vegetable garden. Wonder if if I made motion sensor sounds to go with them if they'd scare away some critters stealing my veggies. :P

    You should put a gnome in their mouth, lol!! That would be awesome! These are fantastic, nice work!

    Those teeth are terrifying!

    If they are made of clay, are terrifying and DANGEROUS.

    Always one must think of children, they are ideal for get problems, hurts, etc.

    Thanks everybody! :) The clay is oven is a conventional oven baked clay, I had never used it before and decided to give it a try! I painted them with a spray paint made for out door furniture and then used acrylic paints over the top of that.

    Great looking. They appear to be large - were they fired in an oven or made weather-resistant in some other way? Painted?

    I really love these I know my mum would love one for her garden they are wicked, :)