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Introduction: Garden Pallet

1 : Introduction

Hello everyone! This is my first instructable, sorry my English isn't my first langage. I present to you the project of my girlfriend to make a garden with pallets to put on the patio.

At first you will need :

- plants
- soil
- paletts
- jig saw
- drill
- screw
- washer
- hammer
- nail puller
- plastic or iron mesh --> may not be necessary
- tarpaulin

2 : Prepare the paletts

You must disassemble a pallet. With another pallet you have to remove the board from the middle of the pallet. Then with 2 boards you complete the top (bottom of the palette) and you close (with nail) the four corners around the pallet.

3 : Add the mesh

To support all of the earth, I added a plastic mesh in the bottom of the palette. I'm not sure it's really necessary, but it is really cheap so I added it anyway.

4: Add the tarpaulin

Before starting to tighten the tarp in the bottom of the palette, make sure you have enough in to fill every corner. Use washers to secure the tarp. To let the surplus water flow I made a hole to the four corners and two in the center. The holes must provide between two boards. I advise you to wait before cutting the excess tarp.

5: Add the soil and the plants

Add the soil and start planting your plants. Pay attention to the appropriate spacing between each plant. After this you should cut the excess tarp. We have not done that and once the soil and the earth is placed we noticed they had cut too small the tarp.

6: Enjoy!

The entire project took us three hours and a few bucks. I suggest that you customize to your liking the garden.
It is important to think of the water that goes out of the holes. In the coming days we will add hooves beneath the palett to ensure that the water flows freely.

I hope you enjoy my short instructable. Feel free to add comments or questions.



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very nice! Looks tidier than other people's flat pallet gardens!

Great idea. I really like how you made a raised planter out of recycled materials. You've got my vote.

Thank you for the encouragements! I hope this will help others to have a garden in apartment.