Garden Path Earring




Introduction: Garden Path Earring

- 30 inches of hand-painted rayon gimp cording, cut into 6-5 inch pieces
- 2 tiny petals bead caps
- 12 Elaine Ray Magic Bean beads
- 2 square jump rings, ¼ inch
- 8 inches wire, 20 gauge, cut into 2-4 inch lengths
- 2 simple ear loops
- Fray check fabric glue

- Chain nose pliers
- Round nose pliers
- Scissors

Step 1: Create a Coil to Hold the Gimp

Create a coiled loop on the length of wire. Feed three strands of gimp through the coil. 

Step 2: Wire Wrap the Loop on Top of the Gimp

Using your round nose pliers create a wrapped loop atop the bead cap, looping all the wire around the top of the cap.

Step 3: Attach the Magic Beans to the Gimp and the Dangle to the Ear Wire

Feed an Elaine Ray bean bead onto one gimp strand. Tie a knot at the very end of the strand of gimp to hold the bead on. Place a small drop of Fray Check on the knot. Repeat until all the tassel fringes are knotted. Open a square jump ring and attach the tassel to the ear wire.



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