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Introduction: Garden Planters

About: I really like woodworking and Metalwork. I like to build just about anything that pops into my head. I like making Jigs that makes jobs easier and saves time.. I have a few videos on My Youtube Channel but...

Here Is a build I did for one of my neighbours. It was her 80th Birthday and she loves being in the Garden, So I thought I would make these for her.These are pretty straightforward to make. I have not put any dimensions here as I make these in six different sizes, and built to the size of the inner trough bought at the time. I started with straight slats cut to length x 8 per box then the two angled edges.that the slats are fixed to. Make the eight legs and cut the angles 4 at a time on the chop saw top and bottom. Fixing the slats to the end parts with exterior glue and screws.

While I was waiting for the glue to set I made Four large hearts and four small hearts for the design, They serve three purposes as one. They are decorative and add strength to the build and cover the screw holes were the legs Attach.. Once all the build was done I stained the trough and the hearts separately. Then fixed the hearts together then attached to the trough. I then Applied six coats of exterior clear quick dry varnish to the whole unit. I was very happy how they came out and my neighbour could not stop smilling and that was enough for me to see her smile...

Step 1: Stages of Build

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    Hello i love these! please tell me which screws you used? plus can i make these with decking? saving on the varnishing :)


    Thank you for this instructable. These are very nice and just what I was looking for. I might get someone to make them or even take a shot at making them myself. Your instructions are pretty good. I agree with your neighbor, they are almost too nice to put outside. These will save my back and allow me to have my veggie and herb garden.

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    Thank you very much for your kind comments. I'm glad you liked them, You could also make them a little taller and even before you put the end parts on join together or just make them longer and add extra legs to the centre just a few ideas for you. If you need any advise or help please don't hesitate to contact me...

    these items a just's good to know your neighbour was so pleased...she is very lucky to have you as such a clever and nice neighbour...well done...

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    Thank you very Much, The funny thing about this is that she keeps them in her sun room as she said to me that they are to nice to put outside :)

    Beautiful design. You are extremely gifted in your craft. Thanks for sharing

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    GordonS12 Thank you very Much I really Appreciate your kind comment . I have several other designs for these planters...

    Nice design. I like that they are raised up like window planters. It puts them at a much better viewing hieght.

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    Thank you DIY Hacks and How Tos

    I chose the height design that way so that there is not to much bending down ect. Thank you for your kind comments...