Garden Pond With Waterfall





Introduction: Garden Pond With Waterfall

I added this pond to add visual interest and delightful sounds to our back yard.

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    tell us how you built it. don't just post pictures

    Very cool.. I have a piece of copper laying around and may use it like this! Thanks for the inspiration. What is that tall looped piece sticking out of the pond?

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    The tall looped piece in the center is a sculpture / waterfall. A small pump drives water up through the copper pipe. The copper trough the water falls into was meant to be similar to a child's slide, so as you watch it you get the sensation of a child sliding down a water slide.

    Relax friend, I think this was one of those contests where there are lots of third prize winners.

    Please see my response to Brookibear below, with pretty detailed instructions.

    I went to a guy who sells Koy pond parts, and fish. He gave me basic instructions and sold me the component.

    1) Of course I dug a big hole. I made it deep, about 4' deep.
    2) A surprise was that the pump has to be below the surface level of the pond, so I had to dig another hole to set the pump down into.
    3) Another surprise was how difficult it was to get rid of all the dirt. Most of it I sent out in my trash, and my neighbor's trash, one bucket at a time, over a long series of weeks.
    4) I laid in all the pipe. I used 1.25 inch PVC, and for all the turns I used 45 degrees. So to make a 90, I used two 45's. This reduces water friction.
    4.5 ) I put in an extra pipe to carry electrical wires to lights and a mini pump at the bottom of the pond. The upper end of this wire is above the high water level of the pond. We have a drip watering system. I connected a few drip emitters so they would drip into this tube, to fill the pond a bit every time the drip system runs.
    5) The water flows from both the bottom of the pool, and the skimmer, to the pump. A Y valve lets me choose how much comes from each.
    6) From the pump, the water flows through an infrared light filter that kills bacteria.
    7) Then it heads up the hill to a box filter, situated under a bush. The box filter is a big plastic box that contains a series of filters. The filters have increasingly small mesh.
    8) From the box filter, it flows to the waterfall. The waterfall is a brass trough I made in an art class at a Junior College. I made a paper one first, and then copied the paper design onto the copper.
    9) I sealed the pond with a rubber sheet. The edges of the sheet run out horizontal at the edge of the pond. I put a drain tube on top of the rubber, so I could control where any excess water flows. Then I put steel rebar around the circle, to strengthen the concrete. Then a layer of concrete/mortar, and then the Flagstones. The flagstones overlap the edge about two to three inches.
    10) I bought 3 gold fish at the pet store for 27 cents each, and brought them home in plastic bags, like a kid coming home from the fair. They've now quadrupled in size. Interestingly they disappear in the Winter.
    11) My primary pump uses about 120 watts, at 120 volts of course. I only run it about half an hour per day, and we've had no issues with mosquitos here in the San Francisco Bay Area. The pumps and lights are connected with X10, so I can control them with timers, and remotely.
    12) If I was doing it again, I would have installed a mini low wattage pump in parallel with the big one so a trickle of water could flow all day without using much power.

    I love your pond!
    Here in summertime there are way too many mosquitoes to even think of a water feature in the garden!

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    Mosquitoes dont bread in moving water they need still water. Nice instructable, it looks great.

    you are right actually!
    mmmm... might be a project for next year!

    Nice Pond, is that waterfall copper?