Introduction: Garden Pull-Up/chin-up Bar

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Build your own pull-up/chin-up bar whit common materials in less than an hour.


Materials needed:

Two wooden beams (180 cm).

Two iron pins attachable to the wooden beams

Eight hex screws

Approximately one meter galvanized pipe

Two end fittings for the pipe 

Tools needed:

Ratchet wrench

Drill bit (a little wider than the galvanized pipe)

A drill

A hammer and a piece of wood (beam) 

Step 1: Mark the Beams

Picture of Mark the Beams


Take the beams and mark a cross 6 cm from the top.

Step 2: Drill a Hole

Picture of Drill a Hole

Drill a hole all the way through the beam where the cross is marked.

Step 3: Attach the First Beam

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Find a nice spot where you want to work out.

Knock the first iron pin in the ground using the hammer and the short piece of wood.

“If you don’t have access to the iron pins, you can buy longer beams, dig a hole and attach them with concrete.”

screw the first beam to the iron pin using the hex screws and the ratchet wrench. The hole in the top of the beam must be facing the location of your second beam.

Step 4: Attach the Second Beam

Picture of Attach the Second Beam

Knock the second iron pin in the ground whit a distance of 80 cm from the first beam (if you have a longer pipe you can place the second iron pin from a longer distance).

Just like in the previous step you attach the beam to the iron pin using the hex screws and ratchet wrench.

Step 5: Attach Pipe

Picture of Attach Pipe

Take the galvanized pipe, put it through the two top holes of the beams and attach the two end fittings.

Step 6: You Are Done

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You are done

Now you can enjoy working out in the garden.

And your kids can play with it to.


angelabchua (author)2011-06-10

Cool! I've been doing Crossfit and would love one of these in my yard so I can practice all my pullups!

rsasurfer (author)2016-05-26

So I can do pull up and muscle ups however when lipping it's not sturdy ... Any ideas ... I guess I got "softish" sand .... Maybe cement? But will it be stable? I donno and pulling up the pegs are tough ?

rsasurfer (author)rsasurfer2016-05-26

Lol ... Kipping ... Not lipping ... Sorry, fat finger issues :).

EricM7 (author)2016-03-31

Any update to how these have held up over time?

HHarry (author)EricM72016-05-09

I recently moved and brought the pull-up bar to my new home. The soil at my new place is to weak to keep the iron pins firmly in place over time. So i dug a hole and poured a mixture of cement and sand (we call it stabilise) in the hole, this works great.

nadavaha (author)2016-03-23

Thos is a great project! Has anyone used this with TRX? Wondering if this setup would withstand the horizontal/diagonal forces vs mostly vertical force in pullups.

trmoses (author)2016-01-29

Do you do anything other than pull ups, like leg raises, or offset pull ups? I'm buying a new house soon, and leaning toward concrete, but it sure would be easier to hammer in a couple stakes.

anguyen47 (author)2013-05-30

Is the bar firm in place or does it spin or loose when using?

ChristianG49 (author)anguyen472015-11-18

you can use some screws from the front to lock the pipe!
what a great instructable! thanks!

HHarry (author)anguyen472013-06-09

It is not firm in place. But it does not spin when I use it.

kimzandlisa (author)2015-09-20

does anyone know where these iron spikes can be found in Australia???

Deckard69 (author)2014-06-05

Looks great - Going to have a go at this! What size (thickness) beams/posts did you use? They look similar to fencing posts.

bcalantas (author)2013-10-25

How much weight can this Setup take?

Morsing (author)2013-07-28

Is it stabile enough to do muscle up and kipping pull ups ?

Peggy4 (author)2012-09-22

So cement is not used here? Is it still sturdy?

HHarry (author)Peggy42012-09-23

Yes it is still sturdy. So far no problems.

Snipe8200 (author)2012-04-04

Nice but i made my own simple one which works very well

jbuford (author)2011-09-21

OUTSTANDING IDEA!!! Why didn't I think about this? Now I wish I hadn't bought all that Quickcrete for my project.

Polarize (author)2011-07-09

Friend, where did you get those iron pins? I can't seen to find them.

jbuford (author)Polarize2011-09-21

If you're in the US, you can look at Home Depot.
This is a similar product

HHarry (author)Polarize2011-07-10

Where i live you can find them in almost every hardware, garden store.
Maybe this site will help:

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