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Introduction: Garden Tool Rack 2

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After building this tool rack it was time to sort out a simple rack for the forks and spades.

I am bilingual in measurements I apologies for the mix of inches and millimetres

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Shed frame off cuts (63x38mm Stud).
Offcut of 6" x 1" x 18" shelf

Drill and wood drill bits
Sliding Compound mitre saw with depth stop (shown in picture)
Cordless Drill/Driver

Step 2: Marking Up, Cutting and Drilling

The pictures give all the information apart from the saw angle of 30o. I recommend doing a test cut on a piece of scrap so you know your tools will fit.

When using the depth stop on a sliding saw it necessary to place a scrap wood spacer between the fence and the work piece to allow the blade to cut at the set depth across the whole piece.

Step 3: Assembly and Mounting

The triangular brackets are fixed to the arms with 50mm screws the arms are then fitted to the backboard with 80mm screws.

The backboard was then attached to the shed framework at a height so the longest tool was about 0.5" off the floor.

Step 4: Finished

I fixed a couple of of extra tool hooks in the space between the two arms.



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    Great idea!

    Stack up those tools - why didn't I think of that?


    1 reply

    You can see from the before picture I didn't at first

    wow! you have a lot of tools to store