Step 7: Finished Build and some Crops

Picture of Finished Build and some Crops
The photos below show how the garden is growing and I have added just a couple of pictures of the veggies I have pulled off of the old garden. I must have harvested a couple hundred Anaheim peppers (red chilies) so far, and about 100 bell peppers. I have had these plants for at least two years now and they just keep growing and growing. It was a very good investment.

If you decide to build a garden I wish you the best of luck and hope that I was able to give you some ideas or information.

I could always use a vote for the garden contest, please keep me in mind!!

Thanks for looking

Mr. Rig it
mom2jade5 years ago
This really inspired me as I have an annoying "alley" wasting space on the side of my house and have always been sad about it. I never even go in there because the waste repulses me. Now I know exactly what to do with it and it will feed my family! Thanks so much for sharing!!!
Mr. Rig It (author)  mom2jade5 years ago
Wow you really made my day Thank you! I want to see before , during , and after pictures. I hope you make an instructable out of it. :-) Craig
Will do, Buddy! Finishing one project now and this one is bumped up to "next" on the Must Complete list!
nbue5 years ago
 Great job! I lived in AZ for a little over a year and had no luck gardening. I never thought of fencing.