Picture of Garden bonfire reusing a washing machine's drum
In this instructable I am reusing an used drum from a washing machine to build a cheap but safe garden bonfire pit, that also emits some really ambient light.

What you need:

1 salvaged, nice drum (or tub) from a washing machine
1 bucket working as a stand
3 screws with bolts to fasten tub and bucket together
some average tools
and some imagination

I have also used 3 tent pegs to stabilize the bonfire pit.

Step 1: Fasten the stand

Picture of Fasten the stand
Fasten the tub and the bucket (designed as stand) together.

I have used my well-known tools and screws, that were handy and not used for other projects, but you may use any style of fastening that works.

Safety first: while working/drilling steel and such alike it is important to wear always protection (goggles, gloves, etc.). Be careful not to hurt you while drilling, sometimes you may experience some "slippery" while drilling: your drill could glitch on the metal surface. Sometimes a stripe of masking tape can help here: attach the tape over your hole target to keep your drill fixed in the designated area.

I have drilled 3 holes in the bucket and the tub. Then I have screwed this two together using some unassigned screws and bolts I had around.
skaar3 years ago
perhaps it'd be more stable if the holes around the edge had legs put in.
keydogstony4 years ago
We call these Redneck Fire Pits. But we use a Tire Rim for the base. :)
WantToKnow (author)  keydogstony4 years ago
Hm, reminds of West Coast Customs Silver Spinner 20 Inch Fire Pits ... ;-)

But seriously: I like the idea of using tire rims.
ironsmiter4 years ago
For added safety and stability....
go for a bag of quickcrete.

Nothing says stability like 50lbs of synthetic rock in your base.

Now, who can i convince to throw away their old washer into the back of my car...
WantToKnow (author)  ironsmiter4 years ago
Haven't even considered quickcrete - yes, brilliant.

Good luck with convincing someone. I have been lucky and got mine from a colleague.