Introduction: Garden Glove Rack

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Keep your gardening gloves from becoming a tangled pile with this easy glove rack.

Step 1: Cut a Piece of Plywood

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I cut a shape of 7mm outdoor plywood to fit a baker's shelf on the back porch but a rectangle would work just as well. Paint the plywood if desired.

Step 2: Gloves Hang From Clothespins

Picture of Gloves Hang From Clothespins

Find  strong clothespins with two holes in each side. This is the style I like.

Step 3: String to Tie Clothespins to Plywood

Picture of String to Tie Clothespins to Plywood

I used a strong synthetic garden string.

Step 4: Drill Holes

Picture of Drill Holes

The holes need to be spaced to thread string through the holes in the clothespins. I also drilled holes to  hang the rack up.

Step 5: Thread String

Picture of Thread String

Thread the string through the holes in the clothespins and the plywood. I put a little masking tape on the end of the string to make threading easier.

Step 6: Tie the String at the Back

Picture of Tie the String at the Back

Step 7: Duct Tape the Back

Picture of Duct Tape the Back

Not necessary, but a little duct tape is always welcome.

Step 8: The Finished Glove Rack

Picture of The Finished Glove Rack

Attach the glove rack to a shelf or wall, clip on gloves.


wazzup105 (author)2010-12-07

I'd hang the gloves upside down though to prevent the rain from filling them up. (unless they're under some cover)

ClareBS (author)wazzup1052010-12-07

Yes, ours is under cover, but hanging them upside down is a good idea.

Kiteman (author)2010-12-05

Nine clips? How many gardeners are there in your family??

ClareBS (author)Kiteman2010-12-05

Just two but nine clips seemed to go well on the curve. We each have thin weeding gloves, two kinds of thick waterproof gloves, leather gloves and we still have a few pairs sitting in a big pot on the shelf.

tshallow74 (author)2010-12-05

Very nice. I think you could also use it for gloves and mittens in the winter.

jomoncon (author)2010-12-05

I love this!! I keep losing my gardening gloves and this will help me keep track of them. I probably have 4 different kinds of outdoor gloves for different tasks & this will keep them all in one place. Great idea!!

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