In the summer of 2011, I decided to build garden paths or trails in the garden.

Goal: Give a natural look to the gravel path and allow better circulation on the yard.

Cost: gravel and stone dust = 300$

Free guide to build garden paths:


Page 1 --- Preparation and gravel---
Page 2 --- Installing geotextile fabric ---
Page 3 --- Logs borders (edging) and stone dust ---
Page 4 --- Finishing and outcome (meandering design) ---

Instruction en français (french instructions): Aménager des allées de jardin

<p>I really liked your path ideas that you have shared with us and agree with all of the concepts you have introduced for your post.I think your innovative ideas will definitely inspired to every homeowners.This way you can give an elegant touch to your backyard.Nice sharing.</p>
<p>Great ideas, I am sure those implementing this landscaping architecture would love it immensely. Thank you so much for the share and the information content. But I don't think it is a DIY project, a professional company can do this better.</p>
<p>Love the idea, a natural looking path is so much more relaxing than hardscaped. Saw a similar real beauty where the top was small river rocks tamped into (looked like) clay soil. Unfortunately, I just can't see myself digging down 8 inches my overly rocky New England soil. I guess I'll just have to enjoy yours in the mean time.</p>
I really like your path ideas, My son does alot of work on his front yard &amp; he needs to do a walkway so I will pass this on to him, great work !

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