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Introduction: Garden Paths and Garden Walkways - DIY Guide

About: Landscaping my backyard since 2003.


In the summer of 2011, I decided to build garden paths or trails in the garden.

Goal: Give a natural look to the gravel path and allow better circulation through the garden.

Cost: gravel and stone dust = 300$

Free guide to build garden paths: How to Lay a Gravel Path

Page 1 --- Preparation and gravel
Page 2 --- Installing geotextile fabric
Page 3 --- Logs borders (edging) and stone dust
Page 4 --- Finishing and outcome (meandering design)

Instruction en français (french instructions): Aménager des allées de jardin



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    Love the idea, a natural looking path is so much more relaxing than hardscaped. Saw a similar real beauty where the top was small river rocks tamped into (looked like) clay soil. Unfortunately, I just can't see myself digging down 8 inches my overly rocky New England soil. I guess I'll just have to enjoy yours in the mean time.

    I really like your path ideas, My son does alot of work on his front yard & he needs to do a walkway so I will pass this on to him, great work !