Introduction: Garden Rabbit Deterrent (wind Chimes)

This is in honor of my father and father-in-law who were the ultimate scroungers and urban gardeners.  They taught me well.

To begin, all of the stuff needed for this instructable was scrounged or laying around taking up space.

Step 1:

Tools and materials are

Two 2 foot pieces of half inch conduit.
Two foot piece of 2x2 or 2x4 board
Three computer hard drive platters
Nylon fishing string
Primer and spray paint
Three small nails
Drill, 3/4 inch wood bore bit
Angle grinder

Step 2:

Start with the wood and bore a hole through on each side approximately 1.5 inches from the end.  The 1/2 inch conduit will fit perfectly into a 3/4 inch hole.

Step 3:

After boring holes, turn the board 90 degrees and pound in the three nails.   Measure the diameter of the hard drive platters and subtract about 1/2 inch to distance the nails apart.  For example my platters were 3.75 inches minus .5 inches makes the nails 3.25 inches apart.

Step 4:

Using the angle grinder, cut one side of the conduit at about 30 degrees making a pointed end.  This will help for driving into the ground.

Step 5:

Using duct tape, I taped materials to clothesline pole to prepare for paint and primer.  Once priming and painting is done you are ready for assembly.

Step 6:

Drive the conduit into the ground and slide on board.  Cut enough string to hang the platters at about 6 inches below the board, any more than this, the platters will wrap around each other and twist the strings together in the wind.

Step 7:

That's it then.  Enjoy.   The "Father's" theory was that animals (like rabbits) avoid noises and movement during the nights when they are seeking food.   The platters chime and the reflections create movement.   When working in the garden, they often catch my eye with the movement.  Seems to do the trick.  Makes a nice wind chime also.


aaahotdog (author)2014-03-11

I guess it does. It would make a nice "ting" sound when hit. I will probably have to repost as one.

TurtleGarg94 (author)2013-01-17

Would gluing a few cd's together, shiny side out, with epoxy glue work as well?

aaahotdog (author)TurtleGarg942013-01-18

The diff between cd's and drive disks are cd's are plastic and hdd disks are metal. You would not get the clanging noise and I suspect cd's in the sun will eventually darken and lose their reflections. I would say no.

audreyobscura (author)2012-09-28

Nice job, my dad used to put all kinds of odd noise makers in the garden to try and keep gophers out. Thanks for the share.

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