Picture of Garden walkway...if I can do it, so can you!
This is a tutorial on how you can install a paver pathway in YOUR garden or where ever you see fit.
This project can be done in a weekend depending on your enthusiasm & planning, its always nice to have help too. During viewing of pictures, if there is a yellow box on it, just mouse over it to view info about it.

I had came up with this idea by just spotting a sale on pavers at the local mega store. I believe I paid 25 cents a piece for them.

Helpful tips:
Whenever you do a project be resourceful! look around the hidden spots of your garage & yard or neighborhood mega trash day or start collecting used bricks from demolition sites or wherever (just get permission first). Try and come up with ideas to incorporate the findings into your project. Be creative, use your imagination if you don't have any ideas then brainstorm with someone else for help or inspiration. Also look thru magazines, watch DIY shows or just sit and contemplate on what you would like to see.

I had used railroad ties that I had been saving which made a nice and sturdy border for my project.
I also have some old railroad track anchor plates and spikes that I intend to install on top of the RR ties to connect them all together for added strength, support and appeal. (I am an antique junkie!)

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Step 1: Getting started.

Picture of Getting started.
FXCD0006 (8).JPG
This is my garden which I had built a couple of years earlier. I put down a pea gravel pathway through the center which I had recently decided to change to pavers. You can do this project anywhere you would like a walkway though.

For this tutorial I will be installing the pathway down the center of my wife's garden.

Do not do this in a vegetable garden. Railroad ties have Creosote or Pentachlorophenol, both will leach into the soil and poison the veggies, in turn poisoning you. Green-tinted wood has arsenic and is bad too.

kabira1 year ago
Very nice!
grizzledcamudgen (author)  kabira1 year ago
Thank you!
mostery5 years ago
this is really nice do u have a pic of the finished walkaway thanks
grizzledcamudgen (author)  mostery5 years ago
Thank you mostery! Step 6 shows the finished walkway. Best regards, NAG
Pkranger885 years ago
Very nice. I hope to have my paver walkway 'ible up pretty soon. I'm sure you'll appreciate it. Enjoy your garden.
grizzledcamudgen (author)  Pkranger885 years ago
Thanks for taking the time to respond, I will check periodically to see if your walkway 'ible is posted.