Picture of Garden/Tool shed
Since the old (extremely cheap kit structure placed by former owner of garden) garden shed was on the verge of collapsing, I decided to build a sturdy new one that would last a long while. Rough dimensions: layout 2 x 3 meter, height 2.5 meter.

Step 1: Preparation

Picture of Preparation
1 (2).JPG
- remove (tear down, torch or otherwise) old shed
- Q: where do I leave all my tools during building of new shed?
- A: in temporarily relocated old shed (I managed to save some parts of the old shed, dragged them to another corner of the garden, reassembled and added a makeshift tarp roof) (this will not work if you've torched the old shed).

Also, make a nice sketch/drawing of general dimensions and construction details (I used Autocad to do this, but pencil and paper will work just fine of course).

In the course of building the shed, I altered many things and never looked at the drawing again, but you can solve a lot of problems beforehand if you make a sketch first.
Wow!! I love it. Have a half (quarter) finished shed that I tried to make with my ex. Now I am left to do it myself!! You make it look sooooo simple :))
SIRJAMES091 year ago
OK, it's official....I'm jealous :p
That's a really nice shed!! I can only wish I had that kind of skill...

TY for sharing Sir. :)
pheenix424 years ago
Indeed, very nice!

But, I must remind folks to check with their local authorities on building permits and such...some places get VERY picky!
orisj (author)  pheenix424 years ago
True! This particular shed partly looks the way it does (especially sizewise) because of local regulations.
thenunn5 years ago
Just what I've been looking for :)) what a great shed and looks strong and sturdy..I hope mine turns out as well ..thank you
k_man935 years ago
i would torch, but we are in a burn ban
sleepydog6 years ago
Beautiful job! I love how your siding looks, both inside and outside. Have you considered a sealer instead of paint? Your recycled door and window are great, keep up the good wook!
orisj (author)  sleepydog6 years ago
I'm not quite sure what is the difference between sealer and paint, but I would think that the wood, being a natural material, would have to be able to "breathe" somewhat, instead of completely "sealing" it off (?).
sleepydog orisj6 years ago
Sealers are used on wood exposed to sun and rain. They keep the wood from oxidizing and turning gray. It is commonly used on decks to preserve their beautiful wood color. Paint is also a sealer, but has pigmentation mixed in so all you see is the color of the pigment.
kh3196 years ago
great shed...really look professional. About how much did it cost?
orisj (author)  kh3196 years ago
Thanks for your kind remarks, everyone. In all, I probably spent about 800 Euros. You can build it for much less if you can find some cheaper wood that has been used before
pipster5626 years ago
love the shed, great job and thanks for sharing
foobear6 years ago
Wow, it looks really cool. I want to build one. Thanks!
Kiteman6 years ago
Mmmmmm, shedly!