Picture of Gardening From Scratch.
This is my 1st ever instructable (so be kind!) which I've dedicated to Gardening.

3 months ago I moved into a brand new house and unfortunately the builders left my garden a state. It's bumpy, sloped and contains lots of objects like nails, broken bricks and plastic (I've yet to dig up the dead body which I'm pretty sure I'll find!).

As such my garden is on ongoing project. The picture below is what it will look like when it's completed (which I will replace with an actual photo!)

Now I'm lucky. I've known what I've wanted in my garden for the last 15 or so years with my BBQ design going through a change pretty much every year.

However in other ways I'm unlucky. At our last house I started to clear the garden and had a stroke (I was 24).
Obviously that took some time to get over. 2 years ago I started to clear the garden again and in the week between gardening I came off my motorbike and fractured my spine.

Now my wife says I'm as stubborn as a mule, so this year I will get our garden sorted. Luckily its a pretty blank slate (bar the slight imperfections that can be fixed with hard work).

If you're a office monkey like me (I'm a graphic designer) gardening will give you:

Sore muscles
Blisters (which will turn into hard skin)
Muddy shoes (which your other half will shout at you for)

Before you start any gardening buy some gardening gloves and some radox. You'll thank me later!
gbrigman4 years ago
I love the gutter planters. Great idea!
antling4 years ago
Hi, I am now developing and planning my garden from scratch too!
To deal with plants (or any living things) we have to be patience.
Please update your garden when you are really happy with it!
All the best!
ningram5 years ago
love the seed starter planter from gutter material, will try that next year