Who: You
What: Glass&Plastic Bottle-Garden Unit
Why: To Recycle/Reuse your glass and plastic bottles. 
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These are ideal for herbs like Basil and Chives. They do not occupy very much space and can be placed indoors (by a window or bright lamp) or outdoors (in the sun).

Step 1: STEP 1: What will you need?

1. A glass bottle. (Vintage-soda, beer, etc...etc...)
2. Plastic bottle + cap. (The plastic bottle's opening must be wider than the glass bottle's.)
3. Soil or dirt. (To grow stuff.) AND/OR Small piece of non-soil growing-medium (Air Conditioner Weather-seal foam, or Rapid-Rooter starter-plugs.)
4. Seeds. (Pick whatever you'd like but keep in mind that it will be planted in a small bottle.)
5. A knife. (Sharp and not serrated.)
6. A heat-source and tongs. (OPTIONAL but recommended.) (An electric stove, a lighter, etc...etc...)
7. Water. (I don't think it's possible to grow anything without water.)
8. Pebbles [SMALL AMOUNT]. (OPTIONAL but recommended.) (I didn't use them because I didn't have enough available.)
Nice job, but could you elaborate on the pebbles and "not on top"-part?
this one was made before i even sawed this instructable taught it might<br>me a good idea as a example<br>sorry it was taken with my 2 mp webcam

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