Gardening/ Recycling- Indoor/Outdoor: Glass&Plastic 2Bottle-Garden Unit

Who: You
What: Glass&Plastic Bottle-Garden Unit
Why: To Recycle/Reuse your glass and plastic bottles. 
How: Click "Next Step".

These are ideal for herbs like Basil and Chives. They do not occupy very much space and can be placed indoors (by a window or bright lamp) or outdoors (in the sun).

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Step 1: STEP 1: What will you need?

Picture of STEP 1: What will you need?
1. A glass bottle. (Vintage-soda, beer, etc...etc...)
2. Plastic bottle + cap. (The plastic bottle's opening must be wider than the glass bottle's.)
3. Soil or dirt. (To grow stuff.) AND/OR Small piece of non-soil growing-medium (Air Conditioner Weather-seal foam, or Rapid-Rooter starter-plugs.)
4. Seeds. (Pick whatever you'd like but keep in mind that it will be planted in a small bottle.)
5. A knife. (Sharp and not serrated.)
6. A heat-source and tongs. (OPTIONAL but recommended.) (An electric stove, a lighter, etc...etc...)
7. Water. (I don't think it's possible to grow anything without water.)
8. Pebbles [SMALL AMOUNT]. (OPTIONAL but recommended.) (I didn't use them because I didn't have enough available.)

Step 2: STEP 2: Bottling things up. Part A.

Picture of STEP 2: Bottling things up. Part A.
1. Clean your bottles.
2. Take your plastic bottle cap and place it over the top of your glass bottle.
3. Begin cutting out the inside of your bottle-cap so the glass bottle will fit firmly into the center. (With the bottle-cap UPSIDE-DOWN.)

Step 3: STEP 2: Bottling things up. Part B.

1. Putting the glass bottle directly into the hole you cut.
2. You can fidget with the knife in order to widen the opening OR you can make the opening slightly malleable by exposing it to heat.
3. If you expose the bottle-cap to heat, please express caution and use tongs. (DON'T DO WHAT I DID)
4. After you expose the bottle-cap to heat, it should fit easily over the neck.
5. Your plastic bottle should be able to close tightly into its cap.
antioch1 year ago
Nice job, but could you elaborate on the pebbles and "not on top"-part?
ssearle12 years ago
this one was made before i even sawed this instructable taught it might
me a good idea as a example
sorry it was taken with my 2 mp webcam
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