Taking a cue from Chalt, I decided that I should like to make an amino heavy salt. I have previously been led to believe that the flavor advantage of sea salt, particularly highly regarded sea salts such as sel gris, fleur de sel and varied other examples, is the mineral and amino content imparted by the brine from which it is collected. My intention in this case was to create a reduced salt with far-increased amino content, intended to be used in a similar way to soy sauce, but without the addition of liquid. I'm calling this salt "Garlic Amino Salt", as its ingredients are sea salt, alderwood smoked salt, black garlic powder and minced preserved garlic.

Step 1: Initial Addition

As this is a small-batch experimental recipe, I started by adding 250 mL of Spring Water to a medium saucepan over high heat. Once the water started boiling, I reduced the temperature to medium, and added 50g of an ordinary, mid-price Sea Salt.

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