Garlic Peels Santa


Introduction: Garlic Peels Santa

Imagine how festive your dining area, kitchen or pantry will look 
with this easy to craft Garlic Peels santa . Kids will have unlimited
fun making this Christmas  craft  for the holidays . 

What You Need : A large paper plate ,5-6 cotton balls , lots of garlic peels,
scrap paper /construction paper - red & white , glue ,scissors , sequins,
paint and brushes 

What You Do : Gather your materials. Paint the paper plate skin color
near the top and white everywhere else (refer to photo) and let dry.
Cut a moustache shape from white construction paper and glue it to the
plate in the appropriate spot finally covering it with some cotton.

Glue a small red scrap paper circle in the middle of the moustache for
 the nose.

Glue garlic peels in the area where Santa's beard should be.

Paint the  eyes and eyebrows.

Cut a tilted hat shape out of red construction paper & glue it onto the top of
the plate. Also glue some cotton for the trim . Finally  decorate with
colorful sequins & paper stars .  



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    Neat reuse idea! Looks like a great kids' craft project, thanks for sharing.