Garlic Spinach Green Egg Crepes With Pesto - Real Green Eggs!





Introduction: Garlic Spinach Green Egg Crepes With Pesto - Real Green Eggs!

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Green eggs have such a strong draw on our collective consciousness thanks to Sam-I-am, but most recipes disappointingly use food coloring. Here, I blended spinach and eggs, and topped the result with pesto to create mouthwatering green egg crepes that Sam-I-am's friend would be sure to try without any goading. Perfect for Green Day.

2 cups egg whites or 8 eggs
2 big handfuls of fresh spinach
half-a-handful of garlic cloves (we love garlic)
canola oil
sea salt
fresh oxalis (from the back yard)
pesto (I made the uber-traditional version)

Blend the egg whites, spinach, garlic, and sea salt until the spinach is chopped and the eggs are frothy and green. Add more spinach for color as necessary, or a handful of oxalis.

Heat the canola oil in a non-stick pan, and pour in a thin layer of the egg mixture. Cook until the crepe is solid enough to flip, and finish cooking the other side.

Top with pesto and oxalis leaf garnish. Put on a green playlist. Serve with green tea, and eat while wearing green. Be extremely envious.



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    Alas, life doesn't imitate art. My son tried the green eggs right away but claims he didn't like them. Referring to them as vomit before he tried them didn't convince me that he wasn't predisposed towards hating them even with the conciliatory attempt. He didn't like them on the table, he didn't like them watching cable, he didn't like them on the chair, he didn't like them on the stairs, he didn't like them here or there, he didn't like them anywhere!. Well, you know how the story goes. I, Mike-I-am, liked them just fine, I will happily repeat the experience with a more appreciative audience. Thanks for the recipe.

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    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, to be somewhat consistent with the story line, I served the green eggs with spam. The spam went over well. Next time, I'll eat the green eggs and he can have the spam.

    I love this! I knew I couldn't be the only person in the world who uses spinach to make green eggs!

    i thought "green eggs" were overcooked eggs. The yellow turns green if you overcook it, thats why they're bad in dr.suse

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    possible, although I thinks it immaterial as to WHY the eggs are green. As I don't think the refusal of them hinges on the reason, but merely the fact they they are in fact green.

    i always thought that the green eggs in dr seuss were bad because they were non-conformist and counter-cultural. "not in a box, not with a fox... "

    YEAH PI!! I had green eggs in the dorms once because some new cook used a copper pan for frying the eggs. And the meat was, of course, Ham. one of the most fun breakfasts I had there.

    fresh oxalis (from the back yard) What is this ingredient for? I clicked the link provided, It didn't mention anything other than "giving the leaves and flowers a sour taste."

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    Yum! Somebody should post an Instructable (or Slideshow) on how to make green eggs and ham. I remember before as a kid, I ate those, but they didn't taste like normal eggs and ham, they tasted completely different-- but delicious. Do they just add in food coloring when they actually make that? Great job on this, it looks really good. +1 rating.

    That looks scrumtrillescent! I'm making it for mom in the morning.