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I’m in a plaited bread spell. It’s all I bake, it’is my obsession of the moment. Today I thought I'd spice it up with some garlic and thyme, brush it with melted butter to give it that unique taste and aroma. I decided to celebrate World Food Day - 16th October, with bread, a humble food that is a staple everywhere in the world.
Between a cake or a bread slice, I choose bread, a thousand times bread.

Step 1:

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Bread dough for 10 plaited bread rolls:

  • 350 g + 3 tablespoons multigrain organic manitoba flour Molino Grassi
    100 g organic whole wheat flour
    2 teaspoons fine sea salt
    1/2 teaspoon soft light brown sugar
    1 teaspoon organic dry yeast
    250 ml milk
    50 g butter cut into small pieces
    1 egg vegetable oil

For the garlic dressing:

  • 40 g of butter
    1 clove of garlic, thinly sliced
    a few sprigs of thyme

Step 2:

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Heat the milk and when it is lukewarm pour in the yeast and sugar, stir and let stand for a few minutes.
Put the flours and salt in a bowl and mix well.

Step 3:

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Add the butter and incorporate it to the flour, using your fingertips or a pastry cutte,r until the mixture looks like bread crumbs.

Step 4:

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Make a well in the center and add the milk and egg.

Step 5:

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Stir with a wooden spoon and then transferred the dough on a floured work surface.

Step 6:

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Knead the dough for about 10 minutes, adding a little more flour if it is too sticky.

Step 7:

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Put the dough in a greased bowl and let rise in a for about 1 ½ hours.

Step 8:

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Melt 30 g of butter in a pan, add the sliced garlic and the thyme leaves. Cook on a low heat for a few minutes so that the garlic infuses the butter.

Step 9:

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To make the braids take the dough, deflate it, knead it for a moment, pull 90 grams pieces and shape them into balls.

Step 10:

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Take one piece of dough and roll it with your hands making a thin 50 cm log.

Step 11:

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Brush with a little infused butter then proceed to make the braids in the following way:
1.Take the left end and put it over the dough on the right side to form loop;
2. Take the right end, pass it over the left end and inside the loop;

3. Take the loop at the top end and twist it as shown in the photo;

4. Insert the end that is now located in the bottom left inside the loop then fold both ends under the braid.

Step 12:

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Place your plaited roll on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Make the other plaited rolls. Brush all the braids with the remaining melted butter and let rise for another 30-40 minutes.
Meanwhile, heat the oven to 220°C.

Step 13:

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Bake for about 15-20 minutes or until your rolls are well cooked and golden on top. Put the remaining 10g of butter in the pan with the garlic and thyme and melt. As soon as the braids are cooked brush them with the butter. Allow to cool on a grid before serving.


Mysterious_Gal (author)2015-05-14

I want to eat that :)

KookyKreations (author)2014-10-20

Your plating is beautifully done and these sound perfectly yummy! I pick fresh bread over cake or cookies any day too!

In your last paragraph you say "until your rolls are not well cooked and golden on top." I somehow think that is a typo :)

Thanks for spotting the mistake! I'm going to correct it right now. :D
Thank you also dfor the nice comment. ^_^

thevegetarianbaker (author)2014-10-20

Looks delicious. :D

Thank you! ^_^

MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-10-20

I definitely thought bread was tasty before, but garlic and thyme it sounds so delicious! Thanks for sharing!

It is a subtle flavour but it greatly improves this kind of bread. ^_^

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