In this instructable I show you how to make a super cheap screen guard for the eTrex. This not only protects the screen but the entire unit while still allowing you to operate it. Also since it is entirely transparent it doesn't spoil the look.

While the eTrex unit is quite rugged, my biggest fear has always been of the screen getting scratched. Also I noticed that if you use a handle bar mount (see my other instructable) like the one I made, vibrations may cause the mount to rub against the body of the eTrex and cause scratch marks. ( I like my gadgets new and shiny :-) )

Step 1: The Materials

1. A plastic bottle of your favourite drink
2. A scissor

I used a 1.5Litre bottle of Coke as shown in the picture, the important thing to remember here is that the circumference of the bottle (measured around the lable) should be identical to the circumference of the eTrex measured along the length/vertically.

This will be more clear as we go along once you understand what it is I am trying to do....

Hope you have finished drinking that bottle by now because you need to empty it, wash it and dry it for the next step. Burp...
It works better then the cellophane screen covers for the games. It can take a lickin, and be cheaply replaced.
On my yellow etrex, the glue became gooey, and the power button tore. I repaired both using silicone caulking. I removd the glue using white spirit I think. Nothing to do with the screen protector, but maybe worth mentioning.
That is good advice. It seems to be a common problem with those. Thanks.
have bought new screen covers hope to have pictures soon doo da do
I went to Radio Shack and got the portable play station screen cover and cut it to fit the screen. You can get two from one package, also work good on cell phones
It would be good if you could post a picture.
<em>Since I don't yet have a good camera...&quot;</em><br/><br/>Does this mean you have a camera, albeit a lousy one? If so, I would recommend taking pictures and posting them alongside the diagrams.<br/><br/>Also, since you apparently have an eTrex, I'll just ask you straight off: can the eTrex display your coordinates, does it use decimals or degrees, minutes, ad seconds, and how many decimal places/ seconds does it go to? I've seen plenty of images of the eTrex screen, but none show coordinates. I just want a GPS that will show me where I am, but no one advertises, &quot;The CameronSS GPS--shows where you are, and nothing else!&quot;<br/>
There's an easier way: packing tape. Packing tape is the perfect width for my Garmin 76csx screen. Just cut to length and you're done. And it's clear and strong. I've had tape on my screen since Jan 2007. It hasn't loosened or scratched.
Oh yeah. Trim with a razor blade if your screen is smaller.
Very clever. My Garmin GPS is a bit larger, but I may get lucky using a 2 liter bottle.

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