Garrys mod projects: how to download addons, how to install basic addons, how to make a catapult

Just as i have promised...i have now started on a new collection of garrys mod projects that you can make, all set out in groups of 3...i will continue to make them and it would help if you could give me feedback on how they are put together as it would help me improve....of course the first few wont be perfect but they will get without anymore talkings, lets get started!
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Step 1: Installing basic addons...

This is a question,i or any other garrys mod user has been asked many many times, by people who have just started and dont know much about how gmod works...well i am here to show you how to install the basic, but most crucial addons.
i will be using the phx full final pack as an example.

Step 2: Obtain winrar

To start off will need winrar, winrar is a powerful program which unzips our case we will use it to unzip addons.To get winrar....just visit then cick download...dont worry, it is free.
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CaliKid13143 months ago

i dont have the addon or the 2nd garrys mod folder that you are supposed to paste the css maps folder in. how do i fix that?

If your talking about getting all the css maps, you have to have counter strike source. Hope this helped

cantrell83 years ago
Do have to have Half Life or counter strike play Garry's mod or can you buy it and play?
adr00 cantrell89 months ago

No, but you need counter strike source to play on most ttt (Trouble in terrorist town) servers.

ajohnson393 years ago
So i try to install it and i looked for my garrys mod folder in my steamapps, and i can't find it at all. I have ooked everywhere and i dunno if it's cause i got it as a gift from a friend :/ help?
adr00 ajohnson399 months ago

make sure that you have moved it from your steam inventory to your library.

VriskaKick1 year ago
I have a couple addons installed already, but I can't access any ragdolls/props/whatever included with the addon. How does one install an addon so that you can get to said ragdolls?
tb8343 years ago
if a go to C:\Program Files (x86)\steam\steamapps\"mysteamaccount"\garrysmod\garrysmod/addons where i need to paste
jrenfroe3 years ago
lets hope this helps me with gmod
bbreeden3 years ago
I have downloaded the 7zip and winrar and i i have tried following the steps but still can not get the program to work if some one could please help me with this issue. When trying to extract the files i cant find steam or a place in steam to place it i have tried to look for a run program but still nothing. thank you for any help that can be offered
pkmn4 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
tinker234 pkmn3 years ago
how do i get a acocont without steam
I did all the stuff you said and i know that i have to make an addons folded but i havent a clue where my C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\\garrysmod\garrysmod\addonsn folder is or whaterver it is called!!!
I got the winrar files but idk what to do wit them bekuz i havent a clue where my folder they go in is called
im not talking about the addons folder im saying the whole thing!
You've gotta kidding me! WinRar is an outdated program that is not worth your time. Use 7zip instead.
7zip sucks... WinRAR is such a better program.
afiq273 years ago
Can i ask how the heck do i install the large Clone Trooper Pack?? I put it into my addons folders but they're not the Spawn Menu or the browse tab in-game
when i try using it it just shows up with a red error thing that has a gun i downloaded a star wars clone trooper npc it shows a red eror pls reply dude please
sky7dc4 years ago
can i install them when i am running the game or do I have to quit out of it?
Mr.Blob4 years ago
I've successfully extracted the addons folder using winRAR to C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\\garrysmod\garrysmod\addonsn But when i go into the game, the addons are not there. Someone plz tell me what i need to do :)
llamma10104 years ago
I don't have a #^%$^%$#^%$#$% Addons folder!!!!!!!!!!!!
cerj4 years ago
 this sucks now. you used to just be able to download them from mirrors but that stupid idiot had to make it so we have to create & verify an account. this is so annoying. i hope people put links in the descreption at if not, i dont think i'll be going on it again...
nicholast cerj4 years ago
Its easy if you own the game, it was done to keep people who stole it from using it.. And since your so angry about it I'm betting that's what you did.
HACKS!!!!! sorry...
man ray4 years ago
haha typed how to download add ons for gmod and clicked first link in google and it just happened to be my favorite website that had the answer
thastoner944 years ago
on mine it just says download mirror which one do i download???
for some reason each time i download an addon it dosent show up as a zipped file even though i download winrar? Please help
what does it show up as?
cdr2485 years ago
Could you please teach me on how to download vmod for gmod?
wats vmod?
mccartney785 years ago
What the hell am I doing wrong?!!!! I have winzip, do I really need winrar? I downloaded a map into addons and it's not showing up. Please God, somebody help me! I'm going insane!!!!!
i have read that use now torrents
macker1395 years ago
please help it sas the memory could not be writin please help
bedbugg2 (author)  macker1395 years ago
Try downloading into a different folder...
Snarfles5 years ago
i am having trouble downloading winRAR
bedbugg2 (author)  Snarfles5 years ago
Okay, could you specify your problem?
Rockerx6 years ago
Just wondering. I have gmod 9.0.4, will the addons work with it or do they only work with gmod 10?
Wesley1 Rockerx5 years ago
most addons are for GM 10 but most maps will work in GM 9
Rockerx Wesley15 years ago
You know you just commented on my post from a year ago right? I would have figured that by now I would have found the answer myself or just gave up. Thanks though for answering. Except I now have Gmod 10 and ironicly make and come up with my own custom addons for it :P
Wesley1 Rockerx5 years ago
WOW to-yesterday has just not been my day.
Rockerx Wesley15 years ago
Sorry to hear that.
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