Garrys mod projects: how to download addons, how to install basic addons, how to make a catapult

Step 2: Obtain winrar

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To start off with...you will need winrar, winrar is a powerful program which unzips files...in our case we will use it to unzip addons.To get winrar....just visit http://www.download.com/WinRAR/3000-2250_4-10007677.html then cick download...dont worry, it is free.
jrenfroe4 years ago
lets hope this helps me with gmod
bbreeden4 years ago
I have downloaded the 7zip and winrar and i i have tried following the steps but still can not get the program to work if some one could please help me with this issue. When trying to extract the files i cant find steam or a place in steam to place it i have tried to look for a run program but still nothing. thank you for any help that can be offered
You've gotta kidding me! WinRar is an outdated program that is not worth your time. Use 7zip instead.

7zip sucks... WinRAR is such a better program.
Snarfles6 years ago
i am having trouble downloading winRAR
bedbugg2 (author)  Snarfles6 years ago
Okay, could you specify your problem?
gmod rules6 years ago
Excuse me bed bug but ah do I need hl2 to down load gooniverse or any of the space builds? please answer thank you
bedbugg2 (author)  gmod rules6 years ago
do you have gmod running fine already?
yes but i can't down load anything
Dom16977 years ago
Hey, i've tried everything to get some vehicle addons, but i never get them in he game. In other words, its not working. Please help : (
bedbugg2 (author)  Dom16977 years ago
tell me exactly what you did when you downloaded the file.