Step 5: Installing the addon...

Now that the download has finished (phx full final in our case) you need to click ok, and then the file you have downloaded should open in winrar...if it doesnt...you have problems.

After it has opened in winrar, there are 2 ways you can install the addon, you can use winrar to extract the addon to C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\\garrysmod\garrysmod\addonsn then click ok and leave it until it has finished extracting OR you can extract the files onto the desktop then follow then manually go to the addons folder by going from garrys mod to steamapps then youre name then garrysmod garrysmod again then addons. i prefur doing ir manually as extracting it doesnt always work for me.

A tip is when you are installing a load of addons is to keep the addon folder open...so you can put them onto youre desktop, then cut them all into the folder with ease.

After you have placed the addon it should appear in gameplay...remember extracting addons into the addons folder only works with basic addons...like vehicles packs and materials packs.

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