Picture of Gas Saving Tip

Extend gas milage and save money, using acetone and xylene.
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Step 1: Fill your car..

Picture of Fill your car..
Fill your car up with gas. All the way you can fill it up.

Step 2: Acetone

Picture of Acetone
Pour 2 ounces of acetone into a cup for every 10 gallons of gas.

Step 3: Pour into the gas tank..

Picture of Pour into the gas tank..
Pour the 2 ounces of acetone into your gas tank.

Step 4: Xylene

Picture of Xylene
Pour 2 ounces of Xylene (Xylol has two names) into the cup for 10 gallons of gas.

Step 5: Results

Acetone and Xylene work together to burn the gasoline even more than it would without them. It even becomes a bit stronger because it gives higher RPM's. It will take you several tries to see your results. It gave 75 extra miles on my Toyota Camry 98. Extend gas milage and same $$$ now!

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