I will be turning an old gas bottle into a log burner/patio heater. My trade is in the welding and fabrication industry  therefore i am lucky to have the tools to hand. But to be honest the main tool for this job was a grinder  .each step I will inform you of the hours I have spent up to this point. I must add that Im rather fussy and a perfectionist  and the hours might give it away :) .
I am no log burner expert but have put many hours of research into this project 
Hope you enjoy my project .

Step 1: Cutting the Bottle

Spend plenty of time designing your project. Have a look at the materials you have and then mark the bottle .big health and safety risk here , so take the brass  valve off and fill with water to disperse the remaining gas. I personally stuck a wooden peg into the hole to stop the water from escaping when butting the bottle on its side .
Here you can see I have welded 12mm square bar  so the wood can sit on it allowing air to aid the lighting of the fire from the bottom
total hrs 1.30
nicely done! will also try a gas bottle fireplace someday :)
<p>That is really fabulous work. Congratulations. </p>

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