Step 7: Tub, Sides

A big job in very few words.....
Tub sides were cut from 0.7mm sheet steel, bent to shape and offered up to the chassis.

I then folded/rolled/bent/welded a stiffening frame from 10mm square steel tube.
Cool, thanks for sharing - can't wait to see it finished.
<p>Another member pm'ed me for info on how I did the gear change, as I could not add a picture on pm I will post it here.</p><p>There is tube fitted over the steering column that is free to rotate, the gear lever is welded on one side at the top. The control rod to the gear box attaches with a pin to a lug sticking out at the bottom of the tube. The steering wheel, once fitted, stops the whole lot lifting up.</p><p>I hope that is reasonably clear.</p><p>Rog8811</p>
<p>My grandson is 4 months old now so if I start today he should be driving it when he is five!!! Good build.</p>
<p>خیلی قشنگ طراحی کردی</p>
<p>Hi <br>You can send me your car design file <br>Email: sokotdelkharash@yahoo.com</p>
<p>Hi Ali, I will get onto it as soon as I have set up my home office and can access my files (just moved house)</p>
great jop you r the man
How fast does this go?
<p>Great job. That is really awesome. </p>
also could you show how to bent the tub to shape
All the big radii in the sheet steel were done round the same cardboard tube.<br>The final shape was dictated by the 10mm square tube that I used to edge all around. This was bent using a very simple bender held in a vice see attached sketch.
thank you good sir
<p>Dude you are good ! I am building a mini beep, a wood mini jeep and I need plans to go by and you did that with out any , you are good .</p>
what about a veiw to see it in action, and not from on the jeep?
Sorry I have sold it so no chance to film it.
<p>Hi,</p><p>thanks for showing a good simple concept. I am trying to do something like that. thanks a lot boss.</p>
<p>The screen does fold flat, the rubber bump stops on the hood/bonnet are brake blocks from a bicycle :)</p>
shouldve made the front window folding.
Awesome project <br>Can't wait to have a grandson to built it for, or maybe will build it before he or she is born lol
AWESOME JEEP!!!!! <br>great job, i have been wanting to do this for some time. i just havent went and found a mower yet. i cant wait to see it done. <br>
Awesome metal work, can't wait to see it done! <br>
for anyone who wants to look www.struckcorp.com has a mini-jeep kit for sale by the way great job hope to see you rideing in it nice looking little mower/jeep god bless hav a nice day
Looking great! :)
did you have to do anything to the front to get the bigger wheels mounted?
I sleeved the existing stub axles to make them longer and a larger diameter. The wheels are located with circlips.
PLEASE SHOW US WHEN ITS DONE!...this is sweet. Change out the transaxle pulley to make it go a bit faster...might be more fun to drive. Great weld job! nothing like school of hard knocks to teach you something you want to do. <br>
This is the sweetest ride! please please please put some updates as you work on it. Excellent job sir!
This is sweet! I got to finsh geting some money so I can finsh building my custom mini chopper then I think maybe something like this will be my next project! Great job so far!!!
God, I wish I could weld. :( But I'm only 13 so there is courses I can take to learn. <br>:(
To start with.....many years ago....I just gave welding a try, I was rubbish at it!What turned me into a reasonable welder was the day I purchased a self darkening welding mask, I suddenly had a spare hand to guide the gun (mig) or the rod (stick welding). I will now happily join bits of metal together until the cows come home. <br> <br>Get onto an evening class to learn the right way or go the trial and error route like I did, the choice is yours!
Rog - very fine work! Would love to see an Instructable on how you did the swaging.
The pictures attached show that the bits of wood that were cut out of the grill blank were rounded off carefully driven into the holes, also rounded off, taking the aluminium with them. This only gets the shape close, a rubber malet did the rest.
Thank you for making my day! Is it possible to do something like this, except with a mower where the seat is above the engine? I just so happen to have an old MTD Yard Man Yard Bug (P.O.S.) that doesn't work, and thought this would be an amazing thing to do to it!
You would need to do something to the steering as I believe that the steering wheel is too near the front but it is doable and you should get more leg room than in mine once you work it out. <br>Take a direct side on photo of your bug and then overlay the outline of a jeep shape to see how it would work. <br> <br>Good luck with it!
Great job on the Jeep! you should make it so that it can mow the yard still, thatd be something to see!
I will look to see if it will still take the cutter deck, it may not due to the bigger front wheels :)
Very Very cool!!! <br>I've always meant to do a mini jeep, but haven't yet. at one time actually made scal drawings. thinking now maybe I'll put it on my golf cart.
looking great !

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