This instructable will show you how to build a LED flashlight.

Step 1: Tools and materials needed

Picture of Tools and materials needed
Soldering Iron
Hot Glue gun
Nail clippers
Wire strippers

1/2" Pipe Cap
4.5" x 1/2" Threaded Pipe
1/2" to 3/4" Pipe adapter
Perforated circuit board
Hot glue sticks
10 5mm LEDs
Sheet of foam
Shears or Dremel with cutting wheel
Nemesistant3 years ago
Working on making one of these out of copper pipe and then reacting it with zinc to give it a nice brass layer and more of a steampunk look.
tyler3030474 years ago
YAY something that can show you path AND maim someone.
jk a very very useful instructable.
try bringing this on an airplane
Nyanman4 years ago
both a flashlight AND a holdout weapon.
seriously, how much does it weigh?
kurshiukas5 years ago
Its awsome!!!!!!!!!!
Wasagi5 years ago
Nice, I was toying around with the idea of making something like this with a shower head, but I never go around to it. Nice work!!!
DaPope5 years ago
Very cool, I picked up the pipe yesterday. Just gotta get some LEDs and we're in business. My wife also thinks it's really cool and wants me to make her one to keep in her car!
rossjima5 years ago
I'm constantly crushing, breaking flashlights on the farm. I have to make one of these. What about extending it so it holds more batteries? Would that make it brighter. It would up the voltage for sure but I don't know much about how leds behave and are speced.
Skyfinity5 years ago
Congratulations on bing featured on the Make: Magazine blog!!! Way Cool.
qxnixrfnaozqqx (author)  Skyfinity5 years ago
omnibot5 years ago
Sweet flashlight, it would really come in handy in those dark nights when someone is following you. A bit of blackpaint and it's done.
OW. Could you imagine how much it would hurt to get cracked over the head with this thing?
Just like a maglight beat-stick... only more brutal.
What sucks the most is you could weld on spikes to this one if you wanted to!
just what i was thinking!
I smell concussion(s)!
Just use black pipe.
swinfos5 years ago
sorta looks like a lightsaber
This is brilliant in it's straight-forward and effective design.
brahmdanger5 years ago
nm, i didnt realize that the pipe itself was the negative conductor. Here is the one i made. thanks again!  
qxnixrfnaozqqx (author)  brahmdanger5 years ago
Well done.
brahmdanger5 years ago
this is an awesome idea, im currently trying to biuld a flashlight just like this but im having trouble completing the circuit on the negative end of the batterries, could you post more details about how you wired this? Thanks for the great instructable!
qxnixrfnaozqqx (author)  brahmdanger5 years ago
The trick is to conduct electricity from the negative terminal of the battery through the flashlight. This is done by putting a spring inside the case which touches the negative side of the battery to the steel case. Diagram attached.
tokymaru5 years ago
.....can anyone say pipe bomb?
pipe bomb. ther i said it are you happy now lol
Little bit, yeah.
I dunno, looks kinda flimsy XP (for anyone thick enough that was a JOKE!)
Yeah and really light and portable.
Nucleus5 years ago
Neat design
Very cool and almost steampunk. I think I know what I am going to make.
junits155 years ago
very cool!
Looks awesome! ...And kind of like a light saber. haha.
Culturespy5 years ago
Talk about industrial strength! Nice job!