Introduction: USB Paracord Bracelet

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For this project you'll need:

1) 2ft or more of paracord
2) 1 x USB Thumb-Drive
3) Lighter
4) Knife

Step 1: Step 2

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Find the middle of your paracord, and place your USB thumb drive into the middle as shown.

Step 2: Begin Cobra Weave

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1) Now take your paracord and place the working end either your left or right, and place it over the USB as shown.

2) Then take the opposite side or cord and place it over the first cord

3) Then take that same cord and take it under the USB and out loop on the other side of USB. Tighten cord to hold USB.

4) Then repeat the process starting with the other side first, then do as many wraps or weaves to cover your USB.

Step 3: Finishing Off

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1) That your USB is completely covered take the ends of cord you have left and tie a simple knot it not the end

2) Cut of the extra bit with your knife

3) Then take your trusty lighter and melt/burn the ends to kept from unwrapping.

4) Your DONE!!! Time to show it OFF!!


TREX ZoaR0K (author)2013-07-03

you could also make this but with more cord and use it as a necklace

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