Didexo's Pistol (Bulid)

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Introduction: Didexo's Pistol (Bulid)

Alright everyone, So I posted it with the mag update, and the mag sucks. I build it in about 3 minutes just to hurry up and post the instructions. I personly like it better with single shot but whatever. Just follow the image the picures to see what to bulid. If you have any trouble, leave a comment or send me a pm. Btw this is my first ible for instruction so please be nice.

This step shows you what to build.

Step 1: Buliding the Gun

This step shows you how to put it together.

If the pic is of a single part you need to make it, if its added to what you already had you need to add it.

Step 2: How to Load

This step tells you how to load and fire the gun.



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    It looks very compact and powerful. =D 4 stars.

    Yea I have a much more updated version that is my custom one I can post pics if you want?

    Yes, I would like some pictures. =D

    Ok there on other post of this gun

    The custom version looks cool. =D

    It's pretty compact!

    Thanks I like compact guns.

    So what I suggest doing is build the gun and make it single shot or make a better mag.