The best thing about dresses is that you can easily make one from almost any shirt. By now I think it's pretty obvious that I love repurposing old clothes, & this dress is just that. I used a thrifted shirt that's bigger than my usual size, and some floral jersey fabric (which I'll talk more about in a bit)

It's so so so easy to make. Perfect for beginner level seamstresses, & doesn't need crazy cutting & measuring. As long as you know some basic sewing, my general run through should be enough to guide you.

Step 1: Supplies


- Thrifted tank top, loose fitting. Mine was about $5.
- Jersey knit fabric of your choice. I started with 2 yards & had a ton leftover. *
- Coordinating thread. I used maroon thread + a shiny rayon mustard yellow thread.
- Sewing machine
- Scissors, pins, tailor's chalk

*I used a special kind of jersey knit fabric, called ITY knit (interlocking twist yarn). It stretches like a normal jersey t-shirt but has an amazing, high quality & smooth feel to it. You can even use the fabric from an old oversized shirt - I'm sure you can find some crazy printed jersey t-shirts at the thrift store - and don't forget to look in the mens' and maternity section. As long as it's big enough to give you enough fabric, then go for it.
<p>woah you are good</p>
Your pins are cute. LOL
nice western dresses.can you tell where can i see more western designs for wedding clothing.one site having traditional indian wedding dresses is www.shaadikitayaari.com but for western which is best one for gowns.
very beautiful. Thank you so much for this.
AWESOME! Love it so much! Thanks A LOT! def gonna make dis!
Dressed very nice on you. congratz!
This is freaking adorable :) i love it! Awesome job :D
Thanks girl! &lt;3

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