Nursing Pillow, Baby Bop, Body Pillow, or Draft Stopper, this Gator does it all. He's 42 inches long, stuffed with a stocking filled with fiberfill, and his teeth unwind so you can take the stocking out and wash the outside.

Step 1: Start with a scarf pattern

Morehouse Farms. This is the original pattern. It comes as a kit. I saved the yarn for another project.
Way cool! Making it easy to wash is brilliant. Alas, my "helper" cats would make this project very difficult.
i want make this pillow!!! it's amazing !! thanks for sharing
I sent for the Morehouse farm dragon scarf <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.morehousefarm.com/KnittingKits/Scarves/Dragon/">http://www.morehousefarm.com/KnittingKits/Scarves/Dragon/</a> but so far have not knitted it. Seeing this has spurred me on!<br/>
I'm sure you could do the same thing with the dragon and that would be so cool!
This is awesome. I love it, much better than the Boppy's.
Dude, nice job! This has to win!
This is awesome! My knitting skills are not up to this yet but it's a wonderful idea.

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