Picture of Gotta get a Gator
Nursing Pillow, Baby Bop, Body Pillow, or Draft Stopper, this Gator does it all. He's 42 inches long, stuffed with a stocking filled with fiberfill, and his teeth unwind so you can take the stocking out and wash the outside.

Step 1: Start with a scarf pattern

Picture of Start with a scarf pattern
Morehouse Farms. This is the original pattern. It comes as a kit. I saved the yarn for another project.
Way cool! Making it easy to wash is brilliant. Alas, my "helper" cats would make this project very difficult.
i want make this pillow!!! it's amazing !! thanks for sharing
stinkymum7 years ago
I sent for the Morehouse farm dragon scarf http://www.morehousefarm.com/KnittingKits/Scarves/Dragon/ but so far have not knitted it. Seeing this has spurred me on!
gnaed (author)  stinkymum7 years ago
I'm sure you could do the same thing with the dragon and that would be so cool!
rachspencer7 years ago
This is awesome. I love it, much better than the Boppy's.
Dude, nice job! This has to win!
jaynalee7 years ago
This is awesome! My knitting skills are not up to this yet but it's a wonderful idea.