Picture of Gaudi Ready- Made in Barcelona
On my Final Studies Project I developed a 5 building complex at the old city boundary, the project responses to the city as a border between the old Cerda Plan and the new 22@ District. After a little research I took out the modernist mosaics of the beginning of the 20th century and I implemented them on the building cover through an algorithm.

Step 1:

Picture of
Gaudi Ready-Made Models_Page_17.jpg
Gaudi Ready-Made Models_Page_18.jpg
Gaudi Ready-Made Models_Page_19.jpg
Gaudi Ready-Made Models_Page_20.jpg
3D Printed Models Scale 1:2000

Step 2:

3D printed models Scale 1:1000

Step 3:

Picture of
Gaudi Ready-Made Models_Page_03.jpg
Gaudi Ready-Made Models_Page_04.jpg
Gaudi Ready-Made Models_Page_05.jpg
3D printed models Scale 1:500
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randofo1 year ago
That's cool. How did the algorithm work? Which printer was that made on? Looks sort of like Objet prints.