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This is a re-purpose project, I had to replace my chain and sprocket on my motorbike and deiced to make the old rear sprocket into a clock. I always like re-purposeing things give them new life, i feel like it was a job well done, its almost like a biker grunge style. It took me a total of 5 hours to make, so its a quicky :-)

...I will make an Instructable in due time, for now I'm sure the handy of you will be able to copy it and most likely make it better. I hope you enjoy my little clock project ^_^


frank26080115 (author)2011-08-09

Are larger wrenches too heavy for the clock mechanism?

Gman106 (author)frank260801152011-09-18

Urm... well I'm not too sure about that, just do what i did Experiment ^_^

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