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Introduction: Gear Table

This was a project i did for an event called Dining by design back in 2014. I wanted to create an interactive piece that people could have fun with. It was quite a hit and I would love to keep exploring this theme.

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I just made a gear table myself. I was searching for mine, and stumbled onto yours. This is such a cool table. The recessed pockets that hold the gears are such a great idea. This is such a wonderful piece.

How did you cut the hollows out to store the gears?

Coolest table I ever have seen! Pure Steampunk, thanks for sharing. Now I have another project on top of the other fourty-one :)


Where can I find the plans for the lasercutter to make this table?

I am absolutely blown away. I humbly tip my hat.

you should post some sort of how to or how you did it so others could try to make a similar table. looks amazing

Shoot, i really should. I'll see if i can dig up some of those files.

Great, now I've got a new project to prepare for! I'm thinking this would make an epic coffee table. Maybe work it into a fractal design for the gears...

Lovely design! Version 2.0 should have rotating lazy susan serving gears! :)

I was thinking the same thing. I can even see the kids grabbing an extra serve of veg just to get the lazy susan and gears going!