The GearBot is a simple, single actuator 3D printed toy with a transmission entirely made up of gear mechanisms. This bot includes a working clutch mechanism, along with some other basic types of gears. If you are interested in gear mechanisms, I would suggest checking out this Basic Gear Mechanisms Instructable. I hope you have fun building this, and even more fun designing your own!

Step 1: Why GearBot Works

GearBot is entirely driven by gear systems, which are a type of mechanical transmission. Gears are essentially circular wheels with teeth around their circumference, and the teeth mesh with other gears to transmit power. As gears rotate, their teeth contact the teeth on other gears, thus forcing the other gears to rotate as well. GearBot is a simple system composed of multiple gear systems drive the robot forward.

<p>Great work! </p><p>I want to make one but I noticed that the STL files' scale are extremely small, can you kindly re-upload the exact scale fitted the rest of the parts, thanks!</p>
<p>Yep! It looks like the units we weird. It should be all fixed now. Let me know if you have any issues.</p>
<p><br>Is the beautiful and meaningful , very suitable for small children frolic , like</p>
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<p>So good! What a great way to learn about mechanics.</p>
<p>Very detailed! </p>
<p>Good job :)</p>
<p>Really like this cute little bot :).</p>
<p>nice </p>
Those googly eyes are perfect!
So cute! Thanks for adding links to templates

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