Step 5: Glue on the Top Layer

After you have created any details you want as outlined in the last step, apply glue to the outer gear layer and gear axle (circle in the middle). Be careful not to use so much glue that it will squish out of the sides and glue the gears in place.

It is important not to get glue in the gears because if you do, it could interfere with the gear movement or glue them in place. Alternately, if the glue isn't close enough to the edges the mechanism will slip.

For this step it is best to leave the rack out, it can be easily inserted later.

Once the glue is evenly applied, press on the top layer. Be careful that the gear doesn't slip out of place and get stuck in the glue. If a little glue did get stick on the gear, you should be able to loosen it with the knife.
This is awesome. (:
it's interesting how people seem to grow out of giving handmade gifts, but some people grow back into it as their DIY skills become more advanced.
Wow, how simple and how wonderful!
That is so cool. Endless possibilities :-)
Cool idea! I wonder what else you could do, with the help of a laser cutter? Hmmmmmm....
I actually got the inspiration <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:211">here</a>, which they made with a laser cutter.<br/>
Oooh, very cool. That's the sort of thing you only hand out to your most important clients!

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