Gearless Transmission of 2 Shafts





Introduction: Gearless Transmission of 2 Shafts

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Hello Friends. Here comes the simple gearless transmission of two shafts mechanism. The shafts are powered by single AC motor. Instead of gears, solid metal bars bend at 90 degree are used for the power transmission.

Step 1: Material Required:

1) 1 inch hollow square bar (length as per your size)

2) 2 solid shafts of equal dimensions.

3) 4 pedestal bearing.

4) 2 circular discs with 3 holes each at equal distance so that it can easily allow movement of a 90 degree bend metal rods.

5) Metal rods of slightly smaller diameter than the holes created in discs so that it can pass through the holes easily after bending it to 90 degree. (You can joint two small rod pieces into 90 degree)

6) AC motor (1/10 hp, 6500 rpm, 75 amps, I have used). Sewing Machine motors are useful.

7) Circular hollow pipes to join at the holes both side so as to provide support for the solid circular rods while transmission.

8) Pulleys – 4 inch diameter

9) V – Belt

10) Nut, Bolt & Washers etc.

Step 2: Construction:

It’s not that much critical. You have to create a square frame of hollow pipes first as per your dimensions. Mark the distances for mounting pedestal bearings on the frame. Then mounting the frame on the required height with legs.Fix the position of shafts & locate the 90 degree bent bars through the circular metal discs. Connect motor & pulley with the belt.

Step 3: Critical Issues:

The proper movement of 90 degree bent rods is the most important. For that proper alignment of the shafts should be done. Moreover, the rods while moving needs support to maintain the angle. So, pieces of hollow circular bars are attached to the disc plate from both sides of the three holes so that it makes the solid rods in a plane while moving. Refer the image for this.

Step 4: ​Important:

1) Positions of holes should be same

2) Proper alignment of shafts & motor

3) Maintain proper position of 90 degree bent rods.

Step 5: ​For Details Watch:

Step 6: Final Model:

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    13 Discussions

    How much power would this hold? and at what rpm? and how much load would it handle?


    10 months ago

    This does not change speeds, all the shafts run the same speed..

    1 reply

    I clarify that I have not invented this.Sorry for misconception.I have seen this mechanism few months back & created this for myself. Moreover I have upgraded this for 4 shafts with cutting,drilling,grinding & buffing operations & yes this is my creativity.Hope you like it. Watch:

    Thanks Marc Gyver.Yes, its one of my this year`s projects.Going to post details of 4 shaft transmission with operations very soon.


    11 months ago

    Nice presentation. But you can't take accolades for inventing it since it has been around for years. I've seen this years ago . But you did a nice built to show how it works. I can't believe it transfers much real energy being how the angled rods are the only true transfer ability. Good project though.

    1 reply

    Thanks gm280 Sir. And let me clear that I have not invented this.I have also seen this few months back & tried to create it for myself. If by mistake I pretended that I have invented this, I am sorry for that. It was not intentional. Moreover, I have upgraded it to further for 4 shafts with cutting,drilling,grinding & buffing operations and I hope you have not seen it before, Sir. Watch

    Thanks for appreciation & let me know your review on the upgraded mechanism.

    I've heard and seen drawings of this system. Never seen it built or actually in use.

    1 reply

    Thanks spikepickstock. I am posting pratical application in detail where you can use such mechanisms very soon or You can go through the last video of the post.