Step 19: Final Details - Rust and More Dirt

This is where I couldn't stop working... and Ryan literally had to wait for me to "polish" rust and dirt in all the details he'd so meticulously built.  I was going to make this thing look real!  You can see the final passes of paint on the clip, and where the leather belt turned strapping was attached using superglue.  I also continued to sand the leather to age it with the rest of the gun. 

Photos 5-7 show how I worked during the final stages.  Following the previously mentioned steps, I would make a pass on all 13 pieces (including the main body), building rust until I was able to achieve that ultimate worn and torn look.  I focused on the areas where screws or bolts wouldn't be detached after original construction of the weapon, or anywhere that the Textured Gel Medium had been built up (front of metal grip.)  When painting rust, I keep a few soft round brushes in my hand, each for a different step and color of the rust.  Typically I begin with a cool toned dark brown and work lighter, brighter, and warmer, ending with a bright burnt red-orange.  This is best seen on the main body under the side gears and panels.    

Photos 8 and 9 show the previously sewn and tea stained cloth straps, hot glued into permanent position on a rusty gun.  Ryan then pulled grease and dirt off of his car's engine to get the best effect, and you can see the final product in the last section!